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Yuki Yamamoto


截圖 2022-05-24 下午2.24.06.png

Yuki Yamamoto 山本雄基

Untitled, 2020

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Yuki Yamamoto 山本雄基

Untitled, 2020


Yuki Yamamoto started creating circles because the circle is acquainted, anonymous, and non-directional. This way he can then reduce bias and sentiment towards shape to a minimum. Macroscopically, the universe is derived from the circle. Using a circle as an element, Yamamoto faces the challenges such as geography and or Mandala, all knowledge and works merged from circles. His works reflect his lifestyle and way of thinking. One of his works receiving the Daikokuya award of Japan was ‘ambiguous bubbles visible’, the ambiguity has always been an important element, Utopia only exists when ambiguity is affirmed.

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