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Art Central 2020 

April 23 - April 30

Hong Kong & Taipei

Yuki Yamamoto





Yuki Yamamoto started creating with the circle because the circle is acquainted, anonymous and non-directional. This way he can then reduce bias and sentiment towards shape to a minimum.

Macroscopically, the universe is derived from the circle. Using the circle as an element, Yamamoto faces challenges such as geography and or Mandala, all knowledge and works merged from circles. His works reflect his lifestyle and way of thinking. One of his works receiving Daikokuya award of Japan was ‘ambiguous bubbles visible’, the ambiguity has always been an important element, Utopia only exists when ambiguity is affirmed. Ambiguity or reversal is used to depict things at the risk of being immature. It is always difficult to express in words when you do not see. Yamamoto tried to depict the contradiction at its core. He does not favor or prefer things subjectively, does not think much of self-awareness, but wants to absorb things around himself. Choosing elements, while making works is out of one’s own will.

Yamamoto uses a technique stacking transparent acrylic watercolor paint, at least 6 layers, sometimes up to 10 layers,  the thickness may reach to as thick as 1cm. Each layer is ground as much as possible to a smooth glossy surface, like an acrylic sheet over the canvas with a large number of circles. His technique to depict circles is to spread and overlap opaque-colored circles and hollowed-out, colorless, transparent circles. In order to achieve such an effect, the same color layer in the coating method is often reversed even in a color layer after the last layer, so that the colored circle cannot penetrate. In the same place, hollowed-out a transparent circle is like create a void (cave, emptiness, null).

Different Void will change the depth due to the height of the layers, so the void will penetrate each layer across to configure them regularly (or irregularly).

In his way, Yamamoto emphasizes the existence of ‘painting’, while depicting the circle with anonymity and depressed emotion. He wants to paint spaces intertwined with voids and solids hoping to push the envelope of self-consciousness with the circular fusion.

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