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Tomoya Tsukamoto


Tomoya Tsukamoto塚本智也_光の景色-Portrait 3_2022_Acrylic on canvas_45.5x53cm(F10).jpg

Tomoya Tsukamoto 塚本智也

光の景色-Portrait 3, 2022

截圖 2022-05-19 上午10.33.24.png

Tomoya Tsukamoto 塚本智也

光の景色-Deer 5, 2020

螢幕快照 2021-10-06 下午11.12.50.png

Tomoya Tsukamoto 塚本智也

光の景色-Deer 10, 2021

Tomoya Tsukamoto塚本智也_光の景色-Portrait 4_2022_Acrylic on canvas_72.2x60.6cm(F20).jpg

Tomoya Tsukamoto 塚本智也

光の景色-Portrait 4, 2022

螢幕快照 2021-10-06 下午11.12.18.png

Tomoya Tsukamoto 塚本智也

光の景色-Deer 9, 2021

截圖 2022-05-19 上午10.35.31.png

Tomoya Tsukamoto 塚本智也

Shadow and Dots 3, 2020

截圖 2022-05-19 上午10.35.40.png

Tomoya Tsukamoto 塚本智也

Shadow and Dots 4, 2020


Brief Encounter

Tomoya Tsukamoto is dedicated to express hope through his paintings. Nowadays, various natural disasters occur constantly, and the power of nature is even more respected. Nevertheless, as the seasons alternate, flowers still sprout, and people will continue to live. Even if you are facing difficulties, you can stand up and survive strongly. Tomoya has created a work that gives people courage. And through the koi to convey this motif.

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