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Art Central 2020 

April 23 - April 30

Hong Kong & Taipei

Tomoya Tsukamoto




Just like the light in the forest, a deer stood quietly in the white light born from the rainbow-colored space. The straight line of the forest and the dark smudged blue surround a fantasy picture. Focusing and defocusing interweave the perspective of the picture, and then I let the whole picture show the feeling of shaking on the water surface, so that the viewer can't tell which of the two deer above and below is the entity, for showing an abstract mood.

The flatness of the bright color and the abstract perspective technique shape the sense of space in the painting, which is the basis of Japanese ukiyo-e painting. In the evolution of Western art history, Ukiyo-e has influenced Western Impressionism and even abstract painting. I returned to the elements of painting in Japan, and then added the unique production method I researched, for further pursuing new possibilities in art of painting.

The most special performance among them is that in order to explore the elements of color to the origin, I finally decided to paint with three primary colors of red, blue and yellow. After repeating the slender dots with the air spray gun, the infinite colors will be created, and the picture will be filled with the joy of bright colors. After keep overlapping, it finally becomes achromatic. In that moment, like a slowly changing shadow, color becomes an illusory existence.

When I accidentally glanced at the rainbow in the clear sky after the rain, I felt a joy in my heart for some reason.

The colors of the rainbow symbolize diversity, and there is no need for extra words to describe its beautiful posture.

I hope that I can be moved in my heart when I meet a rainbow by chance and stay in my paintings.

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