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Online Viewing Room

Online Show 2022

October 20 - October 24

Wei Sheng Chieh


截圖 2022-05-24 上午10.40.38.png

Sheng Chieh Wei 魏聖倢

L'homme sur son canapé. (The Man on the Couch), 2022

截圖 2022-05-24 上午10.39.29.png

Sheng Chieh Wei 魏聖倢

Je t’enlace (I Take You in My Arms.), 2022

截圖 2022-05-24 上午10.39.39.png

Sheng Chieh Wei 魏聖倢

Sur l'herbe (On the Grass), 2022

截圖 2022-05-24 上午10.41.43.png

Sheng Chieh Wei 魏聖倢

Paysage (Landscape), 2022

截圖 2022-05-24 上午10.41.34.png

Sheng Chieh Wei 魏聖倢

Le Pique-nique (The Picnic), 2022


Everyday life is the verification of human existence, and this existence is more realistic.


With the prevalence of social media, people habitually record their daily lives and upload them to social platforms. And even inviting someone who has never met before to browse their lives, so that the viewers bring about the transference to integrate into their everyday lives. Furthermore, there is no denying that social media has become one of the paths for contemporary artists to experience popular culture.

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Spencer Wei

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Unit A, 8F, No.89, Songren Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei, Taiwan

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