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May 26 - May 29

Kwon Neung


截圖 2022-05-19 上午10.35.14.png

Kwon Neung 權能

The Girl with a Pearl Earring, 2022

截圖 2022-05-23 下午10.14.44.png

Kwon Neung 權能

Frida , 2022

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Kwon Neung 權能

Artistic Rainy Day, 2022

截圖 2022-05-19 上午10.34.38.png

Kwon Neung 權能

Artistic Holiday, 2022

截圖 2022-05-19 上午10.34.24.png

Kwon Neung 權能

Art Fair (2), 2022

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Kwon Neung 權能

Artistic Beach (3), 2022


We learn about many artists who are already famous in art history. About their lives and works. Their recorded lives and paintings are great. To borrow a title of an artist's work, beg, endure, or become greater. People recorded in history will surely belong to the great side of the three. We encounter their lives and work indirectly through books, exhibitions or documentary films.

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