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Art Taipei 2022

October 20 - October 24
Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1
Booth - G06 

Tsai Fu Chun


深紅出淺黃Autumnal Tints152x110.jpg

Tsai Fu Chun 蔡芙郡

深紅出淺黃 (Autumnal Tints), 2022


Tsai Fu Chun 蔡芙郡

決鬥 (Struggle), 2022


Tsai Fu Chun 蔡芙郡

掠食者 2022-2 (Predator), 2022


An ordinary rabbit came to a pond and was impressed with the interplay between the light and shade reflected by the moving water. After that day, it frequently re-visited the pond and watched the koi fish in the water. Sometimes, it found its own image reflected on the surface of the water and could not help but sigh, and the water would respond with ripples.

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