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Art Central 2020 

April 23 - April 30

Hong Kong & Taipei

Fu Chun Tsai





An ordinary rabbit came to a pond and was impressed with the interplay between the light and shade reflected by the moving water. After that day, it frequently re-visited the pond and watched the koi fish in the water. Sometimes, it found its own image reflected on the surface of the water and could not help but sigh, and the water would respond with ripples. When the pond returned to smoothness, the rabbit would see its reflection in the water overlapping a koi fish. What a big surprise to the rabbit...then, the rabbit would jump in and find its body covered with scales and mounted with fins, in the water as red as the koi. It transcended

the real world and transformed into a Koirabbit. Perhaps it was a dream, but the rabbit was convinced by its feelings and through its consciousness created a reality of being a Koirabbit. In this underwater world, the rabbit completed itself and found the power for change. Before the encounter with the koi, the rabbit focused only on its own mediocrity. However, when the two fused and saw

each other and rediscovered themselves, they created new selves.

And these characteristics may have already existed.

The plain empty red symbolizes consciousness and dream while the life, love, passion, blood, and anger originally signified by the color were released and ablated by the Koirabbit. The rabbit was no

longer under any stress, therefore and did not have moods like anger, sadness, frustration…. It had calmness with its beautiful scales healing wounds. Now, it had greater capacity to receive things that was beautiful and positive.

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